My first holographic card (possibly)

I want to share my first holographic Pokémon card, a Nidoqueen from the Jungle set. It was given to me by a local friend when I was a kid. Growing up, my family had very little money, and buying my own Pokémon cards was out of the question. So to receive this one card from him, was very exciting, and appreciated. I always kept hold of my cards, but this one was especially important to keep hold of, and keep safe.

While I did eventually start buying and collecting cards myself with the Fossil set a little later with pocket money, I am thankful to my friend for sharing this, and later many other cards, such as a Base set Mewtwo, and even a Shining Magikarp from Neo Revelation!


Hell yea :princess:


What a great card and story. The holo cards really do hit you harder as a child, especially when they’re hard to come by. Nidoking and Nidoqueen are underrated in my opinion!


This is what it’s all about! Thanks for sharing! :pikasmile:


Sorry but after opening many jungle packs and several booster boxes, and having seen this card many times, HOW have I never noticed Nidoqueen has an attack called “Boyfriends”???


That´s awesome. You could send it in for grading. I did that recently with some childhood cards and it´s a good feeling (despite receiving a 3, but hey).

Absolutely not, I have no intention of ever grading my cards. The value of my cards are the memories I had playing, trading, and collecting them.


To each their own mate. Just an idea. I liked it very much.

Those first three wotc sets really are special. Beautiful card

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