MTG "Alpha Investments" YouTube Channel. Secret Genius..?

Recently, a video by “Alpha Investments” popped into my suggested video feed, and I decided to give it a watch. Im not a huge magic fan, but I appreciate all card games. After the first video, I had to watch all of this crazy mans content! He is new to the YouTube scene, but his knowledge and the way he acts is just outstanding. I recommend you all give his channel a view and make sure to watch this video I linked! :sunglasses:


I’m 30 seconds in and already dying of laughter…I can tell this is going to be good! Thanks for linking this Jeremy!

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Nice share…

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I watched this today. He was a broker before with a liscense in all 50 states.
very knowledgeable guy.

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Saw a few of his vids yesterday, I don’t know a thing about Magic but his vids were very informative

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These guys are always good. The profit or loss series is great.

This guy is the jackpot of all TCGs
The best pull on youtube

This worth way over $150k


I love real people like this on youtube. It would be cool to have more guys like this in Pokemon.

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Seen these before, had the urge to hand him some sleeves and a fire proof safe.

Good stuff right there, Q&A video which isn’t boring at all.

And yeah that Alpha starter pack opening is still best things mankind has witnessed. :sunglasses:

E: this one is awesome as well, love the reaction @ 20.47!

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Man awesome stuff, I watched the whole thing.

This ones a good watch, the same concept can be used for Pokemon



his cards still grade 9 to 9.5 at BGS, including the alpha black lotus.

I disagree with the shipping cost part of it. If you’re selling bigger, individual cards like the fetch lands then it’d easier to get away with first class shipping. Either that or you can factor it into the price. Everything else seemed spot on especially tbe gamblers portion. That’s why Pokemon booster boxes are so expensive.

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This is such a good video. This is the best part of the video. I think that should be the new catch phrase for guys who can’t hold cards, “go outside and grow tomato’s”.

I love when he is like, “I would talk taxes, but you will turn the video off and wander around the internet and watch top 10 lists of stupid crap”.


You just listed my two favorite moments. I came here to type that. Lol.

Fantastic video. I might actually log into YouTube and subscribe to something for once.

He wouldnt have damaged them, but man i tell you i would never take that risk, id have the sleeves all ready… and when he put all the commons and uncommons all stacked up like that, they could have fallen and damaged… It was on my mind whole time he was pulling dem.

It reminds me of when rusty recently stacked an entire booster box of 1st ed shadowless uncommons, commons and rares on top of each other, and didnt seperate the piles… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my brain.


Curious question, if videos like this were made, perhaps by myself, would it be something that would interest the hobby?


I would. I don’t know the first thing about MTG but I’ve watched his videos and found insight and different ways of thinking that can be translated into pokemon (even if his message is misleading). His delivery and presentation is polarising, but it’s interesting and, for the time being, entertaining.

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Most definitely. And I can safely say that I am not the only one.

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