Most inexpensive packs for opening?

Hi everyone, was wondering what might be the best way to get inexpensive packs for the joy of opening? Want to get them for my kids, so I’m not looking at it as a way to spend money “investing”, but more how can I get the most (legit) packs for the best price.

My question might then be, what sets and what platform would be the best place to buy? Ebay? amazon? something else?


Then just head to your local walmart or target and go to their card aisle, usually near the registers. You could get a tin or box to get them a cool promo or two but your best bang for your buck pack wise is generally to just buy individual packs.

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Thanks for your 2c. This is what I was doing, but then I saw some on ebay where I can buy 36 packs for ~ 95 dollars, less than 3 dollars per pack. The local store has packs for around 4.50 or so. Which isn’t terrible, but it seems I can do better.

I was thinking that other people may know of even better deals, as I’m just getting back into this.

If your *really* wanting you best bang for your buck, then a booster box of the newest set at 90 bucks or whatever would be your best bang for your buck

For “inexpensive” packs to open for fun, Krill had it right with the Walmart or Target suggestion. It’s what I do when wanting to open on a whim.

If you want to put in slightly more effort, buying those same modern sets, but on ebay is the more economical option.

You can buy booster boxes (which those stores do not sell) which gives you 36 packs per box.

Really anything new will do.
You can get any of these sets between $89 and $95 dollars:
Darkness Ablaze
Rebel Clash
Vivid Voltage
Unified Minds
Sword Shield Base Set
Crimson Invasion
Steam Siege

Personally, I would go with Vivid Voltage, Darkness Ablaze or Unified Minds from the ones mentioned above.

Things to note - don’t buy from China - good chance you will get fake boxes.
Don’t buy loose packs in bulk - I wouldn’t trust them.


Thanks for the suggestions - it sounds like ebay may be the best place to find economically priced booster boxes. These are incentives for the kids doing well on work and such, so I expect openings to be a regular occurrence. as such, buying in bulk is important as opposed to impulse purchase of a few packs at a local store.

Vivid Voltage is looking like a really solid set offering a good mix of desirable cards. Retailers are taking preorders - this is usually the time you should be able to grab booster boxes & other products at *potentially* their best ever prices. Do a bit of shopping around online - compare some prices. You’ll soon get to know the websites that consistently offer the best deals.

The cheapest way to get the joy of opening packs would be Dollar Tree packs. Each pack is a dollar and has 3 random cards in it. Not your standard booster pack, but it is the cheapest.

Target/Walmart (and maybe other retailers) recently had Two pack blisters of Darkness Ablaze and Sword and Shield that retails for like $4.19 or something like that so you are getting modern booster packs for around $2 and some change each. They were pretty hot items but they are relatively new, so check out your retailers!