Most graded sets of all time

Very interesting


I don’t see Crown Zenith overtaking VSTAR Universe ever. That gap is huge.

I wonder how many were graded before CZ released because I can’t understand why it would be worth grading now with the humongous population and mass availability of singles. Maybe it is the easy 10 that will swindle the uneducated, ignorant buyer.

So I think the easy 10 plays a part, but also consider that until the last reprint on VSTAR it was going for like 90$ a box. Now it is down in the 50-60 range and people can’t get rid of it.

The box price suggested some level of scarcity, and the number of “hits” (89!!) has to be the most of any set. Averaged out that is about 5000 graded cards per “hit” ( although the gold cards have a pop>10000, and obviously the Miltank AR isn’t going to have a high pop - just under 1700)

Ultimately, its a lot of cards, but last year there were times where it made sense to grade those cards from a financial POV, and now it certainly does not.

Vivid Voltage is probably the strangest one on the list. Except for the ranibow pikachu its a pretty mediocre set. It makes sense though, it was one of the newest sets during the initial 2020/2021 boom so you had people who just learned what PSA was opening vivid voltage packs sending anything and everything in to get graded. The pop report on all the random full art, rainbow, and gold cards from that set is probably hilarious.


I fit that stereotype perfectly. I knew nothing about grading and sent off absolute junk from vivid voltage during the boom. I’ve grown since then


Yeah you have bulk holos, reverse holos, normal Vs all in the 100s-1000s graded.

And then the full arts, gold etc which are also worthless are in the 1000s+ as well

Im not surprised to see vivid voltage in there one bit even the prerelease stuff is pop 1000+ on the lowest one (donphan) and the charizard is upwards of 4000 (in 10s anyway)

You might also find this interesting (I should have mentioned: at PSA and with non-english languages filtered out.):

Edit: It looks like it might be too big to load in the image viewer. Try this link.


Are there any with 0 that aren’t Gen 9 Pokemon?

Surprised to see Sylveon so high up, ahead of all three Kanto Eeveelutions

Jokes aside, I don’t know. Only Pokémon that have cards are recorded in the dataset.

I agree that is surprising.

So is the fact these two are sequential in the list.


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Pretty sure it’ll be because Kanto Eeveelutions didn’t get cards in Hidden Fates.