Mo' Slabs Mo' Problems

I’m here sitting in my office, wondering how I’ve gotten to this point. Through my collecting journey over the last several years, I’ve filled up multiple Pelican 1510s with slabs. As much as I want to go through them and enjoy each and every card, it just isn’t realistic with life getting busier.

I’m tinkering around with the idea of creating my own “Card of the Day”. Every morning changing the card in my PSA stand on my desk. It really allows the appreciation of each individual card- although it does take away from appreciating completed sets. I do have windows in my office, so I don’t care to leave cards out for longer than a few days because of sunlight/UV degradation. That alone makes displaying full sets not ideal.

How do you slab hoarders out there enjoy your collection? Definitely looking for ideas.

This may be more of a hypothetical and more work than it’s worth, but what about hi res scans you can have as a computer background that cycles through? That way you might be reminded of a particular slab once in a while and pull it out to admire or use with your rotating stand idea.


What does the layout of your room look like? Same issue here. I’m thinking of putting some slabs in UV protected display frames (which are likely no where near the 99.9% values they tout), and hanging those frames on the same wall that my windows are on

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Thats why binder gang> B)


I actually don’t hate this idea. You could even send the slabs to PWCC to have them safe and secure and use the high res photos they provide of each card.

I like that! I already have scans of all my slabs for insurance and set registry purposes- so it wouldn’t be too much trouble.

@davie, I have multiple windows in the office, so sunlight comes in from multiple angles. I actually struggle trusting those UV frames as well. They’d probably be fine rotating cards out every few days, so I may consider that.

@wooltchi, I have my fair share of binders as well :sunglasses:

@antcom, I’ve toyed around with the idea of sending to PWCC, but I enjoy having the cards in front of me way too much.

Oh man :sob:

It’s usually overcast where I am during the winter, so I think I may just display a bunch of cards on my desk, since it’d be brighter to have the lights vs. daylight most of the time.

I think you’d be fine rotating them! I have the same problem – I have a set of slabs that I forget I own until I rummage through the boxes they’re in every few months.

I just enjoy knowing they are sitting there safe in the closet in cardboard boxes and can be taken out at any time

Do you keep all your slabs in boxes, or do you keep a bunch out for display?

I’ve experimented with different display methods and ultimately I just like to put them away sorted in boxes which is effectively the slab equivalent of a binder

Hm, okay – I do that with most of my stuff, but have an itch to have some of my favorite stuff out on display. Is there a reason you keep your stuff in boxes (e.g. UV damage), or it’s just preference?

I’m mostly scared about sun fading, even with the crappy amount of daylight we get here 6 months of the year.

Not just light damage but you also have better control for flooding (store high), theft (not displaying your valuables) and fire (easier to grab a box on the way out). Not to mention the practical issue in terms of space and materials to display hundreds of slabs

Ah, okay! Totally makes sense. Bit double edged then – most of my slabs are pretty cheap, and I don’t have too many of them in total lol, so I think I might just put them out for display haha

If you ever want to trade collections lmk :wink:

I bought 6 of these when they were 70-75:

Why? They hold 36 cards each. Subtract 1 card from each row, now they hold a spacious 32. Japanese Base is 96 cards (32x3), Fossil and Jungle are both 48 (48+48=96). In other words, JP Base, Fossil & Jungle all fit perfectly.

If I had a bunch of slabs in pelican cases I’d probably play around with some napkin math and brainstorm what type of cool display I could make.

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I’ve also started keeping one slab out on my desk on display. I’m not worried about UV damage because I always leave the blinds closed in my office (can’t stand the window glare on my monitor during the day). It’s really nice having a card out so I can appreciate it more regularly, but I don’t think I’d want to go much further than that at this point. Keeping the rest of them safe and secure in boxes is fine by me. I should probably just buy a nice scanner and digitize my collection as others have suggested.

@squirtle1000, I recall seeing a thread with scanner recommendations… any chance you remember where that thread is? I’m looking into purchasing a scanner too (for cards, but also non Pokemon related stuff like photos and documents)

Not sure about a specific thread, but I think a lot of people here use either the Epson V550 or V600 scanner. You can do a forum search for those and find a number of threads discussing trade offs, etc. There are of course many other scanners and depending on your needs you might be satisfied with something cheaper. I don’t know enough about it to share recommendations as I don’t yet own one.

Those were the two that I remembered! I think the trade off was marginal – the V600 had a noise/particle reduction option, but resulted in lower quality scans in the end.

I’ll do some digging – thank you sir

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