Mini Booster Packs (3 Card Packs)

My sister bought these at a dollar store. The booster pack even has The Pokemon Company stamp on it. And the cards look legit. They’re only $1 so I’m kinda skeptical about the legitimacy…

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I’d say they are as I have seen many others bought these, some even got EX cards in these mini-packs

They are legitimate. Pokémon has been creating them since Phantom Forces, and has released XY1-6 so far. No one has seen Ancient Origins as far as I know though.


They possibly do. If you purchase 100 of these packs, you have better odds than booster boxes if I remember correctly.

I just bought 20 packs. I pulled a Salamance Holo Rare and an Ancient trait Holo Dragonite. Apparently they’re NOT fake.

Some of those are a pain to find if you like collecting packs. Most of the stores I went to didn’t even sell them. Just have went to around 30.

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For reference, here are photos of all four artworks for every confirmed 3 card Dollar Tree pack that has been released up until now. These are released formally through the Pokemon Company’s partnership with Dollar Tree. The contents are real, though non-unique. Speculation has it that the odds of an UR pull are better than standard packs, making them an extraordinary deal in terms of cash input for UR output. That said, the display boxes they come in are precarious at best, with the packages simply tossed inside of the display. So I would avoid them for grading’s sake.

XY Base Set:

XY Flashfire:

XY Furious Fists:

XY Phantom Forces:

XY Primal Clash:

XY Roaring Skies:


pulled these out of 16 Roaring Skies packs.

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That’s a good point worth noting. These are obnoxiously easy to weigh and dollar stores are less likely to take notice or be concerned with fervent security checks. So know your area and assess your risk.

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Bought one furious fists pack. Pulled a FA Heracross!

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Bought 24 packs. Only pulled two good cards.