Mewtwo EX FA PSA 10

So I just bought this on impulse:

Feels like I purchased it for half its true value. Thoughts?

I think you over paid for it

I think its a good deal;)
I have an uncut sheet still with over 50 of those cards on it;)

I can’t even begin to fathom how one might obtain such a rarity.

I think you could have obtained and graded one in this condition without too much issue for about half of that.

But that might be a lot of effort.

Honestly, if you feel excited about owning it at that price, that is the only thing that matters at all.

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Well, I’ve owned several ungraded copies of this card straight from the pack. None of them would get a PSA 10 due to the poor quality assurance these days. I figured that purchasing a graded one at $100 is a good deal because: 1) I can sell my last ungraded copy and recover some of the cost; 2) I don’t have to spend X amount of dollars sending cards into PSA (though I inevitably will send more cards soon); 3) Convenience.

So, it’s like you said, I am pretty excited about owning a copy of this card and think that the price was, at the very least, a fair deal. I’m an avid collector of Mewtwo cards and this one should fit nicely with the collection. Thanks for the reply! :blush:

Being a mewtwo collector makes it just that much better of a deal for you specifically. I think you were the right buyer for the price point.

i just thingk its a beautiful cared

I love the powerful pose on the card.

I’ll post some pictures soon of my updated Mewtwo collection. I’ve got a bunch of cards on their way to PSA or on their way to my apartment. Though, regrettably, a few of the cool ones are still back at my parents house. I’ll have to wait until Christmas to get my Jumbos and WoTC cards back. :slightly_frowning_face:

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awwww get them cool ones back T_T