Megalo Cannon Set

So I have been out of the game for a while but something has pulled me back possibly the awesome graphics or thrill of auctions. I used to only collect all cards pre ex. Now I have decided to get my first booster box ever (actually buying two) of the new Megalo Cannon. I plan on buying three more. Back when I used to collect I never bought a box but know there was 36 in each with 11 cards. Now there is only 20 with 5 cards each (damn). How many boxes do you guys think would get me a full set? Not sure how many sr or ur they put per set but I guess it is not a lot? I planned on buying three more but wondering what you guys think. Is it worth the time and money or is it a lost cause?

What do you think a complete set with secret cards is worth? I have been toying with the idea of selling packs individually since the boxes were only $40. I would love to make the most bang for my buck.

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Of course, if you get 5 boxes, you would have tons to trade/sell inorder to get the cards you still need. You should know that buying boxes will cost more to get a complete set than buying singles, but it is very fun, and I’d say it’d be worth it.

Personally, I don’t see the appeal in Megalo Cannon, all the cards look meh to me…
Personally, I’d get a different set…
The feeling of getting a SR basic grass pokemon is displeasing.

Selling packs individually, you’ll profit…

i agree with pokemontrader.buying the boxes is nice but the pull ratio for getting a complete set is not worth the money.i seen people buy boxes and boxes and none of em ever can complete a set without buying the singles at all.selling the packs individually is a good idea plus after the set comes out in another month or longer and when the english set starts to get a release the secrets are more cheaper to get in the end

Thank you guys. I look forward to the first two. I think I will have the fun of opening both just to see what I get since I haven’t before. Besides I can always sell what I get if a complete set is too far out of reach. I will probably buy a few more for profit.

Got my two boxes today. Tried to savor the moment but didn’t last long. Not quite the ultra rares I was hoping for but wasn’t terrible. I ended up with one complete base set 1-76 with one SR. Now I just need the five other SR and the four UR. Stuck in a pickle now. Really tempted to buy three more boxes just for fun but it might be best to just slowly buy the missing cards. I like the set though.

Anybody have any they want to let go?

I also have a ton of extras. One complete set of common/ uncommon maybe missing one card plus much more all pack fresh. If anyone is interested

I found some good prices on Y!J for some of the UR but need some help as I cannot register due to postal code error (added question to general board).

Thanks all

Jacob’s Gengar filled me in on the Y!J issue. Thank you sooo much