Thinking about collecting 20th Anniversary set CP6 cards

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First off, I would like to do a shoutout to @smpratte and @gemmintpokemon for reintroducing me to collecting Pokemon cards via their Youtube content. I enjoyed their videos a lot.

I started collecting Pokemon cards since 2000. Back then my first booster pack was a Japanese Base Set pack sold in 1 of my local bookstores in town (wished I kept it sealed instead :sob: ) Collected till perhaps 2003 before I swapped over to YuGiOh (yes I know blasphemous indeed) Still I amassed a humongous collection of classic cards. Fast forward to 2017, I recently contemplated the thought of making a 20th Anniversary set for nostalgia sake. I can’t afford the original base collection at its current market value. Hence the 20th Anniversary expansion presented a cheaper alternative. No I’m not looking to invest in it as I intend to keep them in a card binder till I die.

So here comes my question, “How many booster box would it take for me to complete the entire collection for the 20th Anniversary set?” This includes the secret rares. Yes I understand that some people may sell the set online but I rather have the nostalgia-induced process of pulling the cards by my very own hands.

I was thinking of purchasing 2 box since there are only 15 packs in each box, would it be enough?

Thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text.

Most people buy 10+ boxes to complete the set. IIRC the pull rates for SR’s are 1 in 2. You will complete the regular set within two boxes, but not the SR’s. Picking the SR cards individually will save you a lot of money. To complete CP6 you’re looking at about $1k+ trying to pull the SR’s yourself and about an estimated $600-700 picking the SR’s up individually if you get lucky with your two boxes MAYBE $600 for a complete set, USD that is. Hope I helped.

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Yeah I paid $500+ for my set. Mind you I opened 4 boxes and got plenty doubles.

Glad you like the videos, @gemmintpokemon is good at making them. :blush:

I think @missingno provided a pretty fair assessment. I would expect around 10 boxes if you want to go the route of pulling everything yourself. Of course you might end up pulling multiple of the same SR cards.

Oh and welcome to E4. :blush:

Welcome to E4! It’s a great board :grin:

I purchased 5 boxes and got everything except the majority of the SR’s, but that’s what happens when there’s way too many ahaha XD; either way, you can either get 10 boxes or 4-5 boxes and purchase singles.

Definetly a worthwhile set to get!

welcome, nice post.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I guess I will have to budget how much money I would want to invest into this nostalgic-induced passion.

Hey buddy! It took me about 9 boxes of CP6 and I still had to buy one or two SRs on ebay. The English version (evolutions) is a different story. You have reverse holos, staff and preleases, plus the holo and non holo exclusives that are on theme decks. Good luck it is truly a fun set to complete.

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