Masked Royal SM-P 85

I’m aware of the context and rarity of this card, but what are fair prices for it? I’ve seen the same few listings of well over 2k up for awhile, so what is an actual reasonable price for these? I know they’re obscure and very rare, but 2k seems way too much. Even 1k or so is pretty hefty. Am i in the wrong here? Has anyone else purchased or own this card that has some insight?


Wild guess but we won’t see this card in english, wouldn’t make sense to print it in larger quantities when japanese version is designed to be extremely limited.


yeah, I agree, its the same situation as the previous year with that Japanese popstar. I just want to know what a realistic price for one is

I was given the opportunity to buy one at a store in Japan for $1.5k. I think that it is worth it, for all those SM-P completionists, or for people who like unique trophy cards. There isn’t many of these guys out there.

okay, that’s what I was thinking was decent. These are gonna be really hard to find later on, once the first few listings get bought. I really want it for my shining legends collection lol

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this thing skyrocketed pretty quickly… cannot find around japan anymore… a few people flipped and sold to foreigners, that really blew it up. only 100 were made from memory.

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Japanese Lottery cards, I’m pretty sure, have never crossed over and been printed in English. One example is the Full Art Rayquaza and

That would be extremely unfair for a very limited printed card, with a high price tag (which I’m sure they’re aware will become pricey), to be printed in the masses in English and be worthless.

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They are a couple up on Yahoo at around ¥180k so that’s about $1500-1600? I think a more realistic price where it would actually sell is around $1200-1500. I know it’s a big range but limited cards tend to have larger ranges. It’s a very rare card so it may get to the stage in a few years of if you can find it then it may be your only chance to get it for some time so you just have to pay whatever is being asked.

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yeah, that’s the exact price range I was thinking. I dont know if I should wait and hope for a steal on YJ, or buy it now in case it goes up.

Only 33 or so were passed out as of right now. The rest will be passed out throughout the rest of the season during other big events. So more will be available (the rest of the 100 not passed out) soon.

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thats what i was thinking, but I had nothing to confirm my assertions. Where did you find out those numbers?

Multiple friends who live in Japan who know the higher up judges told them about it. Not exactly accurate on the numbers but I know about 2/3 of the cards have not been passed out yet since there are at least 2 more bigger japan events. Its just like how Espeon and Umbreon were passed out at these events, theres going to be another big event in November where they are passing out sleeves/playmat and same thing in December as well. So I am assuming they will be passing out the last of the Mask cards during those events.

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Are you sure about this, because that isn’t how they were planned to be passed out, though if they haven’t given them all out already they could give them out at future events. They were to promote stores/Pokemon Center events not big events like Battle Festas.

Notice they were all supposed to all be given out by August 29.

Let’s join at the shop (Saturday, July 15 - Tue August 29)

In order to get the Royal Mask of 100 premium kira in the world only, participate in the event of the following schedule and win the top prize. July is Pokemon Card Gym, August is held at Pokemon Center.

Here is the link, just scroll down a bit.

There have been 52 event held so far and with the cards being given out as follows I find it hard to believe most if not all the cards have been given out. That means at least 52 should have been given out. I would also expect attendance to be up at events after the first few sold on Yahoo. Think about it, 1 in 30 or less chance to win $1,500.

■ Number of participants: less than 30 people :1 sheet

■ Number of participants 30 to 59 people :2 sheets

■ Number of participants 60 to 89 people :Three

■ Number of participants 90 to 119 people : 4 sheets

■ Number of participants: 120 or more :5 sheets

Some other points for posts on this thread.

The card for $1,500, was this in Akihabara because a store had I believe a damaged copy for that price.

I can sell a copy to a big store in Japan today for ¥140,000 with no haggling, might be able to get a bit more. Though, this is a pretty high percentage of what the real retail value of the card is in Japan. But something collectors should remember, stores in Japan do very high volume and like to have display items. Even after overseas buyers have pushed up prices stores will still pay to have display items.