Martin's WTB | WOTC Unlimited Neo Holos NM

Was originally a WTT thread, hence the Trade Please! artwork.

[2024/01/07 - Last Update]

My focus for 2024 will be completing the last three Neo sets - Neo Discovery, Neo Revelation and Neo Destiny.

I am looking for the following cards in PSA 7-8 or CGC 8-8.5 with a nice front to crack for a binder. All unlimited. Willing to shift budget between cards, what matters is the total.

Set Card Buy Price Price Realized Date of Purchase
Neo Discovery Houndoom 40 30 2024-18-02
Neo Discovery Umbreon 120
Neo Revelation Ampharos 35 40 2024-26-02
Neo Revelation Blissey 30 35 2024-23-02
Neo Revelation Celebi 40
Neo Revelation Crobat 30
Neo Revelation Entei 70
Neo Revelation Ho-Oh 100
Neo Revelation Houndoom 70
Neo Revelation Magneton 30 25 2024-22-02
Neo Revelation Raikou 70
Neo Revelation Suicune 70
Neo Destiny Dark Ampharos 50
Neo Destiny Dark Crobat 40
Neo Destiny Dark Donphan 40 30 2024-09-01
Neo Destiny Dark Feraligatr 50
Neo Destiny Dark Gengar 80
Neo Destiny Dark Houndoom 50
Neo Destiny Dark Porygon2 30
Neo Destiny Dark Scizor 50
Neo Destiny Dark Typhlosion 50
Neo Destiny Dark Tyranitar 60
Neo Destiny Light Azumarill 25
Neo Destiny Light Dragonite 100
Neo Destiny Light Togetic 60
Neo Destiny Miracle Energy 25

I am located in the EU and am looking to buy preferably within this region to minimize risks during shipment. Thanks!


Sorry if this is annoying, but I likely have a CD 9 Venusaur. Only problem is I’m flying in a few hours and won’t be back until end of June. Could you ping me around then if you havent found one?

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I have a PSA 6 Revelation Magneton with the double holo if you’re interested. Front is quite clean for a 6


I have a psa 6 houndoom from discovery in english and a psa 8 houndoom from awaken ledgends( neo revalations, neo 3) in japanese if interested

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