Macro's Tropical Pokemon Collection.

Hey guys,

I am a Nidoking collector, but I also like to collect Exeggutor and Vileplume!

I plan to eventually flesh out my collection with other pokemon who remind me off where I am from, the region of Australia that is often described as “Where the Rainforest meets the Reef”.

So expect to see some water Pokemon added at some stage, however I am likely to just collect a team of 6 from the first(and potentially second) generation!

Anywho I am keen to here your thoughts on what you think would go good in this collection!

In the following posts I will add some photos showing off the state of my collection!


Well obviously Southern Islands! It has an Exeggutor and Vileplume in there…

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Definitely its on the list!

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I have a few things incoming as well but most excited for:


Added 5 new cards to my collection today!

The Nidoking shelf is getting a bit crowded now!!


Should also collect Treecko!

Love this collecting idea! I have always been a Vileplume fan, and I definitely think it’s an underrated Pokemon.

Aquapolis Vileplume is a great card and comes to mind. Also Bilingual Exeggutor non-glossy from the TMB could be a grail card, it is such a charming Japanese card! Fortunately it also has a cheaper glossy version from Trainer Mag 3 that’s much more attainable.

In terms of cards with a reef feel, I think of Vending Krabby and Horsea that are Japanese exclusive and have amazing Kizuki art. The Venonat, Kingler, Seadra, and Staryu from the Vending series also have a great feel.

Others have mentioned the Southern Islands set which are a no-brainer to add :blush: In terms of other promos, the Information Pack Bellossom comes to mind aswell, and is also Japanese exclusive.

Look forward to seeing your progress and your collection grow :blush:

Nice warhammer models :wink:

Love those fossil plates! Maybe a Jumpluff? Sudowoodo idk haha

I think they are going back into the cupboard to make room for more mons.

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Thanks man, definitely considering Kingler and Seadra for my water mon, tentacruel as well.

Fun collection and great display. If you go Tentacruel, you can continue your Kanto and poison themes.

Nice collection man! Nido is my favourite too, you’re making me want to get some PSAs! Definitely some room in there for a Giovanni’s Nido or two :blush:

Definitely on the list as a priority.

I have the 2 CoroCoro cards, which are Giovannis, but I had to get them from tbe Netherlands in order to get good condition ones.

Gym series nidokings are rediculously expensive in Australia.

Ah yeah, luckily I picked up mine probably 10 years ago, just wish I’d grabbed a Crystal Nido while I was there too! One day!

I definitely need to pick up some of those CoroCoro’s, very nice indeed.

Purchased another PSA Vileplume today!



I just heard team of 6, and immediately thought of the video game and if that is the concept really appreciate that idea. You mentioned water pokemon which would be a must for surf and you would need a flying pokemon! I’m assuming one of the grass type would be able to learn cut so you got that already done!

The flying type that comes to mind is Pidgeot (just always remember grabbing a pidgey early on the 1st gen gameboy games)
The water type I always thought Seadra was really cool, and could work with your theme

Interested to see the direction you go!



For Surf the big man has it covered.


Boy can swim? That’s one really cool art but not something I would of thought haha.

Really do enjoy your whole concept, deff looking forward to following your journey!

Best of luck



I have decided on my Gen 1 Team that I am going to collect!

Vileplume and Exeggutor will represent the Rainforest and Coastal Flora

Tentacruel and Seadra will represent the local ocean and reef inhabitants, including the very deadly box jellyfish that are endemic to the region!

Venomoth is here to represent the massive insects that are endemic to the rainforests of Northern Australia!

Rounding it out we have Nidoking! The big man is here representing not only my favourite pokemon but all the terrestrial mammals and reptiles of the far north.

And lastly, though not part of the Gen 1 team and my all time 2nd favourite pokemon , is Feraligatr. Perfectly representative of not only my favourite animal but one of the most iconic and powerful to have inhabited Northern Australia, the Estaurine Crocodile.