Looking to complete japanese sets

Hey all, im looking to finally try and complete a lot of my sets starting with Japanese. I would prefer to buy many from the same person just to save on shipping as i’m in the UK.

I need:

23,25,31,35,37,41 All holos execpt from Machamp and charizard

Mcdonalds Squirtle holo

Im looking for XY promos two so if you have any hit me up.

Thanks and I’ll list my english WOTC want soon :blush:

WEB Blastoise ungraded
WEB Blastoise PSA 9

Just came across them, in case you can’t find any on here :wink:

Hey there, I have these from your Web needs:

  • Dark Venusuar (Holo)
  • Dark Blastoise (Holo)
  • Zapdos (Holo)

Care to make an offer? :wink:

Almost forgot… I have a spare first edition Articuno in M/NM condition!

Are these 1st ed or unlimited?

@acd12209 Nice cheers for them, may pick up the ungraded one If i dont get another. i’ll PM you in a bit.

My mistake! They are 1st ED and look like PSA 10s.

I planned to grade them but never got around to it. :wink:

I have these:

  • vs: 21, 45,47, 58, 70, 81, 94, 98
  • Mcdonalds squirtle