Looking to buy PSA 10 1st Ed base Devo, Wartortle

Hello everyone! I am new to the forums, thanks for having me! I have been collection for a short time (little bit over a year) and I am close to completing my PSA 10 1st edition base set. I just need these 3 cards

PSA 10 1st ed Wartortle 42/102
PSA 10 1st ed Devolution Spray 72/102

Over the past year I have only seen the Wartortle come up on eBay once (should of bought it from ebirdman) and I have never seen the other two. If you have one please let me know!

Thank you.

UPDATE: 9/28

I was lucky enough to find a lass! I am no longer looking for one. I still need the Wartortle and Devolution spray. Please let me know if you have one! Thank you.


welcome. talk to zeldanotgilroy
or crackrockmcaib on youtube

I want to see them!! Is your collection anywhere online?

These are extremely hard to come by. The lass and wartortle I’ve never seen for sale. The devolution spray same thing, took me over have a year to find one it.

But you’re doing much better than me, im at 62 cards of 102 at PSA 10 :slightly_frowning_face:

LASS PSA 10 ;p


That didn’t last long lol

It was gone like 2 mins after I posted it… I hope the OP was able to pick it up! ._.

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That did go fast and not to bad of a price

Looking at it: Is this the lowest PSA 10 pop for the set?

Lass: 15
Devolution Spray: 16
Wartortle: 18

Anyone else find it kind of funny how lass is so hard to get hold of in psa 10 when back in the day it seemed like you got one every 2 packs haha?


You sold that for $40?! I would of paid 5 times that… So sad i missed it :slightly_frowning_face:

For the love of god, give me some warning next time!

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It wasn’t mine!:slightly_frowning_face: I’m sorry haha… I failed you…

oh, i was mistaken when you said “gone after 2 minutes of posting it” I thought you meant the lass, you meant the forum post. Thank you for the heads up! Keep on the look out!


@melcher Contact the seller and ask them to ask the buyer if they would sell it to you - worth a shot!

I fucking. Hate. Lass

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I msgd the seller, and yeah, lass is a bitch.

I did this before and the seller just responded:

“Don’t worry! I will be listing more cards soon! :blush:

Eventually I got the card I wanted – ~6 months later from another seller at a much higher price. :stuck_out_tongue:

@soulwind Oh man that hurts! Especially as it would take like 30 seconds to ask