Looking for PSA 10 1st Edition base set English cards

Hi All,

I am after a few cards to firstly complete my Shadowless 1st Edition base set PSA 10 collection and then I will also need some non holos, but more on that later on.

At the moment I am after below said cards in the 1st edition base set English (shadowless)

PSA 10 1st Edition Shadowless Blastoise.
PSA 10 1st Edition Shadowless Hitmonchan
PSA 10 1st Edition Shadowless Machamp
PSA 10 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard

I know prices vary based on the cards above, please let me know if you have any of the cards that you are willing to sell and your final price.


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Yeah if anyone can help, please let me know. Please let me know your price i dont wan to put a price here to put off anyone from making offers.

You are always better off listing what you will pay. The cards you mention have a combined hefty price tag. =)


Yeah I know. So here is the prices I am willing to pay. These arent solid and I am willing to negotiate. By the way I am located in Australia.

Charizard: Between $2000 and $2700
Blastoise: Between $700 and $900
Hitmonchan: Between:$400 and $700
Machamp: Between $200 and $250

@pokebusiness Are those prices in AUD? It’s good to specify what currency you’re using as we have a lot of international members.

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Most psa 10 charizards are quite abit more that.

I have a PSA 10 1st Ed Hitmonchan, but Im waiting for the price I need to let it go :blush: Fantastic card tho, such a low pop. Hoping the decrease in supply skyrockets the price

The prices are in USD by the way, as that seems to be the functional currency for pokemon cards.

That said mtlballer100, can you please tell me what price are looking for that hitmonchan?