looking for charizards

im looking for all kinds of charizards

things i got to trade…

bottom half of ho-oh

blissy primes.

theme decks

booster packs

latios/latias promo HS serious

wobberfet HS serious promo

pikachu HS serious promo

and a few others …

if use want pics… ill just take them off the my phone and send them to use via email
and a note next to the cards saying something that u can identify that i just didnt get the pics of a random sight lol…

Hey zamp im listing some japanese charizards tomorrow on ebay if you are interested. They are charizard ex, secret rare charizard, charizard lv x and dpt 4 holo charizard.

Also my 1st edition charizard will be back and up on ebay in a couple weeks :blush:

yeh thats heaps good… which ebay is it going to be on?? and whats your ebay name… but yeh thanks for getting back to me about it :blush:

my ebay name is the same as here, it is smpratte.

Here is a link to it,


You can view what I have listed on there, I will list the zards tomorrow.