Looking for 1st ed base PSA cards for trade

I am interested mainly in blastoise, charizard or venusaur

Wants- 1st ed blastoise PSA 9 or 10
1st ed venusaur PSA 9 or 10
1st ed charizard PSA 7,8
1st ed JP charizard GS PSA 10

Have- 1st ed alakazam PSA 9
1st ed gyrados PSA 9
1st ed raichu PSA 9
1st ed zapdos PSA 9
1st ed nidoking mint beckett 9.5
Shadowless charizard PSA 9

I am happy to trade all cards for the blastoise or venusaur at a PSA 10 grade. The last PSA 10 venusaur I saw went for around £1500 so id say all of my cards on offer probably exceeds that price point but feel free to correct me if I wrong:)

If anyone has any offers please get in touch. Im maybe open to offers outside of the cards I mentioned I needed, just let me know. Cheeers

Post what you’re offering for each card and people will be more inclined to communicate with you

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Hey Dale, This thread was consolidated. A friendly reminder that buy threads can be bumped every 2 weeks. Here are the Rules for reference, 5.4 specifically for this topic.

Back on topic, Feel free to pm me about the charizard GS psa 10. Would try and work something out with you, again. :blush:

Absolute time waster

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What do you mean?

Very sorry I’ve just had a a hard time lately family issues past relatives just not been in the best of places recently I apologize im not a tine waster just dealing with a get deal of grief

I’m not trying to bash him but make people aware, we had a done deal, I had his word that he was 100% committed to a trade deal, I took the card involved from the market for him, and after multiple messages,emails everything looked good until the day came and I was left without any reason, I didnt even receive a simple “sorry can’t do the trade”, not sure if he’s a scam artist or just a time waster, I know
People have things going on in life, however he found me through eBay then the deal was made, after no reply for a few days he messaged me on here not knowing it was me asking for a different deal, all I have to say is that a little courtesy goes a long way… tread with caution guys

Man im know scam lol

If I was. Scam surely is actually try and make money off you or make u send the card and not send my part of the trade back

Just answer one question, if you was going through family problems and grief, that was apparently preventing you from responding to my mobile messages, how is it possible you could create a thread on e4 and even message me on e4 not knowing it was me asking for a trade…? Ignorant

Sorry stuff hitting the fan for me I have a phone bill I cannot pay hence no reply to your texts I’ve had some financial difficulties of late paying for funerals and stuff I have been extremely busy im sorry I’ve upset u all I am unable to go through with the deal as it means cash and ATM its cash I cannot afford to give away im not a scammer there’s no need to give me a bad rep its just bad timing

I have found a buyer who wants to do a full trade with no cash involved so im going with that