Legendary Bird Promo CORRECTED Set

Anyone know what a PSA 10 set might fetch? They don’t seem to come up very often…

In the last two months I’ve seen the full corrected PSA-10 set for sale two times. Both sets were offered for around 1k USD (both unsold!!).

The non-corrected English versions in PSA-10 usually go for around 25-50 USD each (so around 75-150 USD for the full set). I’d say that if someone is actually looking for the corrected versions in PSA-10 they might go for 75-150 USD each, or 225-450 USD for the full set.

That’s just a guess however, because apart from those two full sets that were offered for 1k USD I haven’t seen any corrected PSA-10 sets (or loose Moltres, since that was the one I was looking for - I currently have three corrected Moltres at PSA, hoping for at least one PSA-10) for sale in the past six months.


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I’ve seen a couple of loose corrected moltres 10 candidates on the UK ebay site, most auctioning for £1-2. Most people don’t know about this error it seems. I picked one up in December to finish my loose set although probably all 9’s due to centring.

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Thanks guys! :blush: I only ask because I have a potential PSA 10 set on my hands, but I’ve been super picky about what I buy/have graded lately. Basically, in an effort to save money, I’m only having the more valuable stuff graded. I think these are worth it.