Lapras reverse holo Skyridge nm+

I feel kind of weird making this thread because, well, it’s a freakin’ common reverse. But I can’t seem to find this card anywhere, and it is the last card I need to complete my Lapras collection (there is one on eBay, but it would cost me $40).
So i thought I’d try it here.

Looking for this card ungraded in near mint or better condition, in English

I’ve had very good luck with everything I’ve bought from Collector’s Cache which has included a number of eSeries holos:

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It looks like they only have damaged ones, or am I looking wrong?

Look further down the page. Should see a list of various sellers with various conditions. The one at the top is a regular version but Collector’s Cache has NM Reverse for $6.00 + ship

Or you can order direct but I think shipping is usually more from their store vs through tcgplayer:

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Thank you so much! I live in Europe, so I don’t often check US sites except for trollandtoad
And now I only paid $9 including shipping! I was willing to pay over $20 for it haha