Korean evolutions cp6

I have a sealed Korean evolutions box and a bunch of pack fresh holos.
There are a few boxes listed on eBay between 2.2k-2.5k usd. I can’t seem to find any sales data on them. I would assume they won’t sell at that asking price since Japanese cp6 sells for less, but it seems like there are less Korean boxes available.
Does anyone have an idea what they go for or any recent sales history?

Funnily enough I saw some packs auction individually v recently. I just checked up and the sold prices ranged from £26 to £47 GBP. Charizard packs sold on average for the most and venusaur lowest. A decent amount were auctioned individually so a rough idea would be middle of those two prices multiplied by number of packs plus a bit of a premium for being in an unopened booster box.