Keep it in the original wrapper?

Hey Guys, I want to get my the Deck Machoke graded. It is still in the original wrapper. What is more valuable or better? Should I get it graded in that wrapper or let PSA take it out of the wrapper?

do you mean the start deck machamp?


From where I’m sitting you have 3 choices:

  • Keep it as part of a sealed collection.
  • Remove it from its wrapper and submit it to PSA
  • Frankenstein’s Monster in a slab

Up to you in the end.

I am wondering what will be the most unique situations. So better grade it in the wrapper or keep it out of the wrapper? Haven’t seen many graded inside the wrapper but is it really worth it?

Is it a shadowless 1st edition or shadowed 1st edition? There is a difference. If its shadowless then send it in. OP can you post a picture.

It’s a normal one. I wish I had a shadowless version :grin:

Would you grade in the wrapper if it was shadowless? I have one but never considered this.


What is the benefit of grading in the wrapper? Scarcity?