Kazuki Takahashi, creator of Yugioh, passes away at 60


I know it’s not Pokemon-related, but given the impact Yugioh has on many TCG players and collectors, this hits hard. Apparently he died while snorkeling.

Rest in peace. And thank you for the awesome experiences and memories you paved the way for.


RIP, the yugioh card game was always so much more fun to play than pokemon, and the anime was also really fun even though it never followed the rules of the game, but that’s kind of like how we played as kids anyways.


Wow, RIP. So many fond memories playing the TCG and watching the anime back in the day.


Too bad, we had some pretty big losses the past couple years. I only played Yu-Gi-Oh birefly as a kid before moving onto Magic primarily, but I always loved the early sets like LOB and Metal Raiders. I have a beautiful 1st Edition Mystical Elf card that I bought. I also like that Yu-Gi-Oh managed to distinguish itself from both Pokemon and Magic and never really was a complete copy like many other now failed TCGs.

Rest in peace!


Pokemon and Yugioh were the pillars of my childhood and both had some influence on who I am now. I remember about 15ish years ago I went into a hobby store and found two volumes of the Yugioh manga, specifically the two volumes covering Yugi and Kaibas duel at the end of Battle City. At the time I had no idea the anime was based off anything so this blew my mind. It wasn’t long before I had every volume and I would read through them constantly. Each one started off with a little story or thought from Takahashi and it was so interesting to me to see what went through his head and what lead him to making the series.

I’m sure a lot of us can remember as kids how obsessed we were with Pokemon and how we wanted every little thing that came out that had any relation to it. I was that way with Yugioh as well. I had every video game, I had tons of cards, made tons of decks and watched through the series as well as it’s spinoffs several times. Yugioh has been something that has brought me a lot of joy throughout every stage of my life and it’s all thanks to it’s creator Kazuki Takahashi. Thank you so much and may you rest in peace.


No more unique Kazuki Takahashi card like Magi Magi Magician Gal =(

He had a simple idea that he was able to take and create a whole universe from. That single idea has been one of the largest influences of my entire life. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that he decided to pursue that idea and get us to where we are today. Rest in peace Kazuki, the Ishtar’s will forever watch over you while you rest.


Sad to hear, I grew up with Pokémon and yugioh. Played yugioh competitively from 2005-2016.


Very sad news, thoughts and prayers are with their family

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Yugioh can be a mixed bag at times, but there are parts of it that I’m really glad exist.

I grew up with the TCG, the anime, and the manga. It left an impression with me and my friends/family. I left the TCG for awhile, and finally I’ve been coming back to it after discovering a wide variety of cards with great and entertaining artwork.

The character Joey is a bit of an idiot but he had moments in the story that still get me emotional whenever I think about them…

Thanks for the memories, Takahashi.


I’m telling you, if Joey had won against Marik in the Battle City semi finals, it would have broken every rule in the anime book

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That was definitely one of the moments…a big focus of that arc was prophecy and destiny, and yet somehow this ‘nobody’ has struggled his way to the finals and is going to defeat the main villain, and then the only reason he loses is because he literally collapses from exhaustion. Tragic.

In the Japanese version it’s even more intense. The music is different, Kaiba says that Joey has earned his respect (a big deal), Marik is so shocked that he almost lost to Joey that he nearly vomits, and Joey is nearly dead.

Joey the underdog. Great character.