Kaz’s collection

Hi everyone!

Ive been lurking on efour for a few years now, i absolutely love the discussions and seeing your cards so I thought i’d share my own.

Most of my cards are from the ex era, these are my favourites from my collection.

Ill be posting the rest of my collection in the next few days, thanks to efour and especially randox for helping me build this!


Welcome fellow ex fan. Amazing collection!

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Welcome to efour! Love the artwork on the espeon ex. Awesome collection!

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Welcome back! Really lovely assortment of ex cards. These look really beautiful and the Celebi ex is my favourite. Looking forward to seeing more of you and also your collection. Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks man!

Thanks man! Its one of my all time faves for sure

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Thanks man!! The celebi ex is amazing for sure, I have always thought it has the shiniest holo out of the ex cards ive seen

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All the sealed items have! I never open sealed stuff, I find the packs just as nostalgic as the cards themselves. The next things i want to add are delta species or team rocket returns blisters.

The deoxys and triumphant pack are definitely heavy, not sure about the rest.

These random slabs are cards that I can remember myself or one of my friends having. I was always super jealous of my friends attack forme deoxys ex as a kid so buying that was satisfying :joy:

Ex era is generally seen as a really unpopular era but at my primary school so many people were collecting. Isnt it crazy how we can remember cards almost 20 years later even if we only saw them for a split second? The lugia ex and mudkip goldstar would be the ones i wanted most as a kid.

I also really loved the reverses as a kid and still do, id love to have more. Do you guys think specific reverses are as difficult to pull as specific ex cards?

Anyway thanks for checking out my collection, I know its nothing crazy but i still love it. Ill be posting my raw cards later!


Really great assortment of cards and sealed product - love the sealed blister. Thanks for sharing it all with us! :+1:t3:

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