Kamex battle computer error

Does anybody know the price range for this card and how many were made? Looking to get one and would like to know price range as I have never seen one sell.

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I sold a PSA Mint 9 last year privately for $1800. Would be a bit more expensive today. Hope you find one for your collection.


I’m trying they seem to be very hard to come by now a days.

They don’t get offered for sale very often so just be patient. Hopefully someone here can help you find one.

@mewcollector - I completely understand your harrowing plight. I’ve been after this particular card for nearly four years, now. I believe the estimated distribution number is approximately 30, yet this is a speculative estimate. The market price for a Kamex Battle Computer Error (White “R”) has increased dramatically over the years, easily averaging over $1000 nowadays. (Sighs wistfully) I remember when it used to be affordable…

In any circumstance, best of luck to you in your quest to obtain this rare - and elusive - treasure :blush:



Read your post about this card. Do you still have the program to determine the color around R ?
See below image. Can you see by the program or with your eyes it’s the famous Kamex one ?


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