Japanese World Promos going up in value

Hello! I currently collect English Worlds Staff Promos and I have realized that Japanese Worlds Promos have been going up in price lately. Does anyone know why is this happening or is it just normal? I have always thought that Japanese would be more affordable than Stamped cards because they are included in every Worlds Deck given to every participant

I actually asked Tradenatural the other week and they said that the Japanese worlds promos are very playable and virtually non-existent in really good condition.


That doesn’t seem right to me. From what I know, only the beaches are really playable in competitive tcg. I would guess they are going up because of a general increase in demand for Japanese cards as well as there only being a singular variant to go after.

Yeah I guess there is no other reason apparently, lately they are just going up like crazy

I think the higher price for Japanese promos generally stems from there just being less Japanese copies than English copies. English gets a lot of extra copies injected into the supply from Staff, as well as Top 32+ stamped copies. The Japanese Champions Festivals commonly fetch 1.5-2x the price of the English ones.

Playability does factor into the price on the Tropical Beaches, maybe moreso past playability leading to less mint copies in the supply pool than current playability.

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It is pretty strange. Anyone with a pulse knew that worlds promos had a lot of potential so the prices themselves aren’t the surprising part. Why the Japanese copies detached themselves and shot up like this is the confusing part.

It just makes me think of this plot

What I also noticed looking through the PWCC auctions last night is that the 10 premium is as strong as ever. I don’t really know why the Japanese World’s promos specifically have shot up but I think the 10 premium and the overall popularity of Japanese promos today certainly helps. Either way, it looks like Drew is going to be eating well

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Yeah I think the same but I wonder why this has just happened now and not before :thinking:

The first Worlds in 3 years just happened, and there’s been a huge uptick in demand in the hobby since then. I don’t know for sure but I bet the demand for Worlds promos in general tends to increase around Worlds every year.

My bet is that the usual increase in interest in Worlds promos occurred around Worlds 2022, and then a lot more eyes were on Worlds promos in general. Sealed packs and non English/Japanese copies are also notably higher priced than in 2019. The Japanese price is just catching up to the low supply.


Perhaps the world championships returning has brought more attention to worlds cards (not to mention, people wont stop talking about how awesome they are lol).

Japanese Pokemon is just kind of doing a thing rn idk. It seems the volume of people interested in Japanese has skyrocketed and the supply just isnt able to keep up. Hoping things cool off soon

I don’t know then. Yeah it might’ve just been for the one world promo I was asking about that ended high in auction. Might be different depending on tournament/year.

I think its twofold; Worlds cards have become more popular for collectors, which makes sense because they are such a great release. Also its the only option for japanese players. English has the unstamped and stamped cards. And EU can use multiple languages in a deck.


One thing that comes to mind is that the broad Japanese buyer base has historically had a harder time accessing these cards than westerners. For any Japanese person who wants to collect the Japanese World Championships cards, their buying options are more limited because Japanese people received fewer copies than the sum of western participants/staff/sellers. That could drive prices higher in Japan, and it’s easier now to observe their buying behaviors, which leads to price changes on our side.


These world promos have some of the most beautiful and unique artworks and being unable to pull from booster boxes + no reprint means their value will only go up.


Hi! :slight_smile:
A Japanese '04 Tropical Wind PSA 10 just ended on PWCC for 24,600$ including BP. I knew it would end high but damn, I didnt expect this kind of price!

Speaking about the amount of competitors and the amount of cards distributed redpectively, '04 had 310 competitors and '07 probably something between 160-200 competitors. I was reading some old Pokegym posts where the original Competitor list was leaked and some math was done, seems like 192 competitors were going to the 2007 world championships.
(2007 World Champion Competitors Announced | The PokeGym

Pokémon Organized Play - 2007 World Championships Competitors Announced)

Yes, '04 was the first year of the official world championships, which gives it quite a big historical value, but '07 almost had 120 competitors less than '04 which makes it far more rare.

What would be the price of a Japanese '07 Tropical Wind PSA 10 since the '04 ended at around 25k $ last night? Very curious to read your opinions on this question!

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By the way, I heard of 1 or 2 private deals for a PSA 10 of the Japanese '07 Tropical Wind which were around 10-12k $ and also a PSA 9 Japanese '07 Wind apparently was sold privately for 9.5k $. The private sale prices for the PSA 10 '07 Winds seem way too low compared to the '04 sale price from PWCC.

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My guess for PSA 10 07 Japanese would be 35k granted 04 is fully paid but when dealing with cards like this a seller can assign a value to it but only if a buyer is there will it reach “market value”. Interested to hear others opinions.