Japanese Magmortar BW Dragon Blade 008/050,(dragons exalted)

Looking for the Japanese Uncencored Magmortar from Japaese Dragon Blade Set 008/050 (Dragons Exalted In English). It is the last card I need to complete my English/Japanese cencored/uncencored collection and literally cannot find it on any of the market places. I haver searched about every way I can think of and it just isn’t out there.

I would like it NM/M if anyone has it and wants to sell or knows where I can find one?


What price are you paying for it mate? Might help flush out a seller =)

I honestly don’t even know the market price for that card but am open to purchasing at a reasonable price if someone out there has one willing to sell?

This might be a good time for you to read over the rules of this section mate.

lol c’mon. This isn’t a 1st edition base charizard we are talking here its just a modern uncommon but if it makes people feel better I would think it shouldn’t be too much maybe $5.00 or so… like I said I cant find any of them on any site for some reason. I don’t know if this is a known rare expensive card but I cant find anything that says it is or any sold listings for it.

You’re right man, rules only apply if you’re going for an exceptionally rare and high priced item. Lol

But seriously that offer sounds pretty good! Good luck =)

HAHA I wasn’t trying to be an A**hole or anything was just sayin.

But ya if you or anyone you know has one they want to sell send them my way. I would really appreciate it! I would even pay extra to cover fees/shipping.

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