Japanese Koga's Ninja trick - no swastika corrected version

Hi everyone - I’m looking for some information on the edited version of the Japanese Koga’s ninja trick gym card. This card is in Japanese but is missing the omote manji/swastika (artwork is the same as the english version).

I can’t seem to find any online for sale and waswondering if any of you guys had any input.

There was a Japanese blogger who raved about finding one that was corrected. I presume it is pretty rare. I came across one at one time and I picked it up for my collection. It’s one of those things I didn’t even realize existed, and I don’t think most people know anything about it.

Safe to say, it was probably corrected near the very end of the print run in Japan, thus making it much rarer, imo.

Good to know someone else has one! The one I have has slightly different contrast/tones to the background compared to the swastika version. I’ll upload a scan of them both side by side tonight.

I’m assuming the card won’t have much value to it - any ideas?

You guys talking about this one?

Yep that’s the one - I have both that and the common swastika version.

To be completely honest, I had never know that there was a Japanese corrected version Koga’s Ninja Trick before reading this post. That’s really cool!

However, after a quick search on eBay, they don’t appear to have a whole lot of value. I’ve found one listing for a Japanese corrected version in Played Condition and the seller is asking $4.99 for the card. I also found a completed listing for both the “error” and corrected Japanese versions that the seller put up on auction/never sold with a starting bid of just $2.99.

Thanks, I didn’t think it was worth very much but it is still an unusual card to see.