Japanese booster boxes altered to reduce resealing

To combat the current resealed box issue

Design changes shown below.




I’m a big fan. This type of seal was added to a recent MTG Collector Box, and I think it improved the anxiety of paranoid consumers. Pokemon should consider adding tamper-evident “void” labels/stickers too (see MetaZoo boxes).


How does making the flip longer help?

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The new box design is first (i.e., perforated to show that the product was previously opened).


lol! Got it the wrong way round. Thanks


hmm… resealing issues aside, i dont really like this-- design wise. i like displaying them on this side and having that perforated blip bothers me lol. i didnt realize i felt so strongly about this but i much prefer the original box design with the flap too lol

Also thought of this… Perhaps the flap is still enough to slip into the front of the box?

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I like this design change.

Definitely a good change.

Although it kinda somewhat defeats the purpose of stores removing shrink wrap now to prevent reselling - the whole point was to lower the value and story resellers, but now if boxes can be inspected to make sure they haven’t been opened (even without shrink) it kinda removes the need for that.

Another point it doesn’t really help is the fact that resealed boxes are becoming more and more common in Japan even for brand new sets. I’ve seen a big increase in people opening boxes and getting no pulls, even though they were shrink wrapped (I don’t mean just one, I mean guys that are buying 3/4/5+ boxes to open, opening them all and none have chase cards). I used to be comfortable buying loose boxes but now I’m sticking to cases as a result.


Japan learns of a new problem with reseals, and makes a change immediately. Good move for Pokémon.


Great move, love the change

V happy with this! Great idea

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This is fantastic! I hope english does something similar! Re-seals and false reseal claims are a big issue.


Pray lol i wonder if theyre changing the special set boxes too

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Amazing reaction and sense of agency on TPC’s and PCL’s behalf. They saw an emerging problem, probably through feedback from the community, and they did something about it before it could run rampant. Very elegant solution as well, I love it!


Japan ahead of the curve, as usual.


Absolutely, they are very proactive. Love to see it. I always thought they could do something with packs where opening them basically destroys the pack so it can’t be resealed.

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If they can so this with emglish and hopefully do away with the unnecessary plastic itll be a win win.