japanese 1st ed gold star jolteon (not players)

I was wondering how rare that card is? And whats an average price they go for? Its a japanese 1st ed. jolteon gold star/shining. but its not the players promo. Any info on this would be great.

The one your reffering to is the 2007 World Championship pack reprint it is the equivalent to the ex Power Keeper set.

The packs were only available to preorder for 2 weeks on the Japanese pokemon site so they are considered to be rarer than the Players version because of it.

Thanks! But does anyone know how much their worth or what you could expect to sell it for?

There were a couple of Vaporeon’s sold in the $50-65 range last year on ebay but not alot of these come up for sale so its hard to say a good price range for them.

@pokecardcollector – In October 2011, Jolteon ★ [World Champions Pack, 027/108] and Flareon ★ [World Champions Pack, 011/108] sold for $40 each by 87iceman3711. In early 2012, another Flareon ★ sold together with a Shining Mew [Coro Coro Promotional Card] for approximately 5000 yen. I would estimate they’re currently between $35 - $50, with an average of $40. Like m786ali previously mentioned, these cards are exceptionally rare so this is merely a speculative price range.

If you would like further information about the World Champions Pack:

In Japan, the World Champions Pack was exclusively available through the Pokémon Card Game website. It was a similar distribution event as the Pokémon Web expansion. It was intended for Japanese players only, so they would not be at a disadvantage at the 2007 World Championships. Japanese players could order their packs online from June 15 – July 1; this is considered a very limited – albeit typical, two week window for rare promotional items. Each pack contained fifteen cards as opposed to the standard ten. The complete set has a total of 108 cards.