Japanese 001/P Kecleon

Hey guys, I guess this remained quite undetected/undocumented, as the 001/P is kind of unspecial and not in everyones sight…Have you ever noticed that there are 4 different versions of the card?
Each can be detected by the letter at the end of their ID-Number: They go from ‘Z-01-a’ to ‘Z-01-d’

See above is the Z-01-a.

I remember the card being given out at a movie release and was aware there are 4 variations but I don’t remember why the minor differences…Anybody know why they printed the 4 different versions?

maybe the cards itselves are identical, but their e-reader code is different (eg different minigames). would be one possible reason.
I remember that one of my e-series sets had also a card with these a/b IDs, I will have a look at them

You mean the e-reader code, right Daniel? Does someone here maybe have one of these readers? :grin: I guess they were never released in Germany, at least I have never seen one.