Jakram's Collection Favorites

Hey guys, been around here for a while, but since I decided to start posting recently I figured I would start a collection thread to showcase some of my favorites from my collection. My collection is certainly not as awesome as many of yours, but there are a few pieces I am particularly proud of.

Some of my favorite Charizards including NM shadowless 1st edition Charizard (has a little whitening of edges on backside), and mint+ German Charizard (I pulled from a pack myself and only ever touched it with gloves before going into safe storage):

Some cool Lugias, I pulled all of these myself:

Blastoise including 1st edition shadowless:

A couple Venusaurs:

Victory Ring 2003 and Ancient Mew I (corrected) both mint+ and never touched:

Completely mint Masaki set, except Alakazam has a little edge wear on the front face :slightly_frowning_face:

Trainer Magazine Vol. 18 legendary birds, all mint+ and opened myself

Complete Natta Wake set including mint+ pikachu:

Some of my favorite Pikachu cards, with a prerelease Clefable thrown in there:

A few little Pikachu trophy cards I particularly enjoy:

That’s it for now, I may post more pictures of other cards in my collection sometime later.

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Thanks for sharing! You have some really nifty cards there. I like the cases around your victory ring and Mew 1. :blush:

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I like the selection of your cards. That’s quite an impressive start. I’m looking forward to see your collection grow! :blush:

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Thanks guys, I’m looking forward to updating this whenever I complete a set or get something really nice I’d like to share. Right now I’m trying to complete the Japanese GB promo set. It’s been difficult to find the Ivysaur and Venusaur in good condition for the right price, but I’m not giving up :blush:

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That’s the smart thing to do. Find cards you like and only buy when the price is right. You’ll save yourself from overspending, you’ll have the thrill of the hint, and you won’t have a bunch of cards you don’t really care about!

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Awesome collection!! Those T promo birds are great and I’m a little jealous of your complete Masaki set :open_mouth:. Always love the Natta wake set too, I was so happy when i completed it, the cards are just plain fun to look at.

The GB promo set was definitely the most fun set I acquired, because I really did have to hunt down each card which made me appreciate them that much more when they arrived. Happy hunting! I will be collecting vicariously through you :blush:

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