Is Yahoo Auctions Japan safe?

My first time looking at the site today and I’m seeing some raw cards for great prices

One to mention is a raw art academy 2010 Zorua that I believe ends tomorrow and it’s sitting around 500 usd thus far … that is a great price I think since there’s only 200 copies

So my main question here is , can I use this site safely since I’m in North America ? Would I be able to get my money back easy if the seller just doesn’t work out , and any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Overall YJ! is fine. But there are plenty of fake listings, and fake cards. Keep in mind there is no buyer protection. The best way to approach buying in japan, When in doubt, don’t.


Ahh… Yahoo Auctions, so long never use it since it closed down in my country more than 2 decades ago. :sweat_smile:

Thank you sir , I guess it’s best too stick with PWCC and EBay

Was hoping to find some Japanese promos for a good price on YJ but not confident enough too possibly deal with fake listings and scams on there :smiling_face_with_tear:

Most cards on Yahoo are going to be legit, but you have to be extra cautious. Once you get the hang of spotting fake listings, realizing what a Westerner-bait listing looks like, and catching the sellers that list conspicuously large numbers of top chase cards in seemingly perfect condition, it becomes a lot easier to navigate. The barrier to entry is quite high however. I’ve been using yahoo auctions for years and I still get screwed every now and then, but I also find cards and products I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Personally, I find that the opportunities there outweigh the problems. But those opportunities have decreased over the years as Japanese cards have gained prominence and the market has become more optimized.


I just bought a raw fanclub magikarp on yahoo auction Japan recently, with standard insurance plan of 500yen on buyee

What came in the mail was a Neo 3 shining magikarp. But I managed to get a refund from the standard plan.

This is actually incredibly surprising, i have never heard of the standard insurance actually working for anyone.

What did you tell buyee?

I stated the card was in the mail was different from the listing. One had a 3 star rarity while the other doesn’t . Took some pictures, sent buyee. Got back to me in a week with the refund.