is this card fake or a misprint?

Is this card fake?

It’s a japanese pikachu promo

Never seen a square misprint before

Definitaley fake… I cant imagine how this could have been happen in the production…

What about the hitmonlee error card with the cigar label… could this one be the only one?

Hmmm…that’s very strange… I also can’t imagine anything like that happening in printing. Do you have the card in hand?

Do you need a closer up picture or something?

I was curious if it felt the same as a real card, like thickness and glossyness (if that’s a word… lol).

It looks like it was altered.

How is it suppose to feel… Never had that pokemon promo before. Do you have one?

Can you elaborate?

I really can’t elaborate anymore than what has been said on the gym. Do you have the card yet? Feel the surface of it, make sure there is not an indent. No one can know for sure, but considering all of the possibilities it looks like it was altered.

oh alright. Do you have 1 of these cards? Is it made out of glossy stock or non glossy?

This looks strikingly similar to the base set shadowless fake “misprints” which surfaced earlier in the year. My opinion anyways :wink:

Can you show me pictures of the shadowless fake misprint to compare?