Is PSA owned by the mafia?

Visited the psa website recently, what a scam.
Im almost 60 yrs old and have a box with 1500 untouched pokemon cards which i bought in 1999.
My question.
How should i go about selling my pristine untouched pokemon cards?
PSA wants one to estimate the value of cards and pay them for thier service, if the card grades higher than ones estimate they up the valuation and charge more.
Is this for real? Thats like squeezing ones cahonies, and not letting go till one squeels like a pig.

Seems to me that everything about thier way of business is like the way the mafia operates.
Anyones thoughts appreciated
Cheers bazzdirt


Step one: remove any card you think may be worth more than $2k and submit to PSA through express service
Step two: submit everything else through ludkins. I haven’t looked at their tier’s or pricing recently but I would assume ludkins platinum would be your best option.
Step three: ? ? ?
Step four: profit.

Just my opinion though or how I would go about it.

What are these cards? Commons/1st Ed./Holos?

No one forces you to grade with PSA, go with one of their competitors if you don´t like their fee structure.

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Just sell the cards to me :wink:

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Or me lol. But seriously ya I’ve already typed essays about how PSA’s upcharges are bullshit. Anyways all there is to do is pay the fees and wait patiently like everyone else does. Try your shot at BGS which I heard also has long wait times. Not sure if that’s true or not. Or there’s CGC which will have your cards back fast without a upcharge. But CGC doesn’t exactly give out many 10s which will only matter on 10 canidates. Also PSA is the most popular followed by BGS. I’d imagine CGC picking up more and more in popularity over the years. I doubt PSa will ever get turn around times back to being reliable. I also doubt they ever get rid of their very profitable upcharge system. It is what it is. The decision is yours tho. Or there’s selling ungraded.

Good luck tho and what cards out of curiosity? @bazzdirt

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Ignoring Buckna’s edge, I think it’s understandable why new people might be hesitant to submit to PSA. Not many businesses operate with these types of upcharges. Or at least none that I’m typically used to or experienced in.

@bazzdirt, @mcorey777 covered the basics of what you need to know. Their competitors, BGS and CGC are cheaper and tend to have better turn around times. There is still the danger of being upcharged but sometimes you get lucky or other times the upcharge isn’t that big. Even with PSA.

If you want more bang for your buck, PSA is the way to go, but you’ll still get a premium if you grade with BGS and CGC (but only really on grades 9 and up). Otherwise, selling raw is still a popular avenue to explore.

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You don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think to call me Pokemon master. Instead, you come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married, and you ask me to grade, without upcharges?!

Sound like the mafia to me


show pics of cards

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