Is my Aquapolis box real?

This box has no wizard logos, weight is low by .5 ounces(weight is 1 lb 7.2 oz), and has a yellow sticker on the inside of the clear wrapping. I was having trouble getting the correct size for the photos, but one is below.

I have not seen a fake E reader box, pack, or even card - so it is hard for me to believe this is fake. I am thinking it is a repackaging job, but it is just a guess. I would appreciate any input here. Evidence either way would be great, as I cannot sell this until I have some facts or open it myself. I have a wizard logo box for comparison and everything else checks out. I have the video on youtube of the box showing. It is from 1:50-2:10: HUGE Purchase of WOTC Sealed Booster Boxes and Theme Decks - Most all for Sale! - - YouTube

If the link is not allowed, I apologize ahead of time.

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I have definitely seen someone open a clear wrapper Aquapolis box before, it was 100% legit. I’ll try find the video and edit it in to this post.

Edit: Here it is. I’ve seen others too. Not sure why or how this happened, maybe it’s a certain print run error. Excuse the lack of embedding, clueless how to do it.


Looks identical to yours, Rusty! :grin:

This is exactly what I was looking for. I still will not be selling it since it has to now go into my booster box collection haha.

I knew that was gonna happen :wink:

That collection is almost done right, Rusty?

If the plastic wrap doesn’t have the WOTC logo and the weight is off I would lean towards a repackage job.

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The origin bothers me still. The only way I could see it not being a repackage is if it was done later in an international release between WOTC and Pokemon USA. Maybe it was even some sort of repackaging as advertising for the E reader - who knows.

Getting there! Still need - Base AUS, Fossil Red, Hidden Legends, Magma Vs Aqua

Trying not to pay insane prices for them though!

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You seem to be really good with connections. So I’m wondering if you’d be able to contact someone who works with the company to figure out the origin of it and the whole repackaging thing?

The few that I can still get into contact with do not seem to know much about production.