Is English the new Japanese?

As of this writing, I have noticed a shift in English Alt Arts graviting higher than their Japanese counterpart. Japanese booster boxes are now more affordable than English, and yet with these sold listings provided below, it would seem English has retaken the throne of king.

Are Youtubers pumping? Have you seen anything other than the SWSH era that says different? Are people all of a sudden liking English texture over Japanese?

What are your thoughts?


FOMO related to SW/SH box prices moving higher.


Theres just so much more demand for english cards. Maybe a bit of fomo now that pcenter is oos on most sets. Jp is far more niche for most people


Nature has healed

Based on this plot it seems that English hasn’t changed much and it’s actually Japanese that has fallen back to what is more “normal”


For the moment, it seems this way. Last year Japanese pre-2020 and some SWSH sets had a short-term bubble/boom and a huge rush into certain singles as well. Now those re-traced quite a bit again back to lower prices.

My guess is English will have a correction at some point as well, and looking at the graded pops they’re very high. One thing for sure is that there must be a ton of sealed product tucked away from the Covid era that will eventually hit the market or be opened. If the demand can remain strong, anything is possible with the prices I suppose. I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point.

One thing that is different with SWSH as well is that it has a lot better sets than S&V has so far. Aside from 151 and a few other singles, I don’t see S&V becoming nearly as popular or desirable as SWSH has become. I think this has also driven the demand up much higher for SWSH because of the lack of demand for S&V products (or appears this way).

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Here’s TCGPlayer’s perspective:émon-Card-Prices-Going-Nuts/749ec65a-e803-4f7a-9401-6291ed4f8e42/?utm_source=email-mkt&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=buy_pkm_NL_pricesgonuts_05112024

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They may be a tad biased…


You don’t say :thinking:


Wait till Friday :wink:

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TCGPlayer has dubious data integrity. Anyone can fake sales whether it is $0.01 or $999.99 and it has to be manually reported for them to remove it.

So if you know that, then just fake sales at more realistic prices and nobody knows the wiser which I’m sure is has happened and is happening across all TCGs.

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@pfm please give this man a “solved”


based Bhagavad Gita drop

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what is the source of this chart?

thank you! :heart:

Pretty sure this is all happening because most of us can’t even read the Japanese cards…

This statement still lives in my head rent free.

30th anniversary


All I see people buy at Walmart and target are English cards so they must be more popular.