Investing during the 1999 pokemon bubble

This has been posted before but I figured we have a lot of fresh members now.

If you ever wonder where all these old label Neo premium files with Japanese names come from, here you go.


Oh geeeeeeeeeeeeezz noooooooooooooooo, it is back lol
EDIT: Still watching it anyways :grin:. I wonder how many people actually jumped on this?

This guy still convinces me to buy more, in the state of Texas, NO ONE WILL EVER OWN THIS!

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Would be funny if these old certs came up for auction one day. I know I would pay a decent premium for that vintage label… I have some regular Japanese Neo Gensis holos with very low cert numbers with the original Japanese names, but unfortunately they are not labelled “double white star”.

lol none exist in japan

We need this guy to start pushing steam siege

Then maybe my investments will pay off


Oh man what a deal! Maybe even a steal! Do you think they still have them??

Haha wow

One of the most interesting pieces of Pokémon history I’ve seen

Thank you!

LMAO, I know right? I remember watching these guys when I was like 10 years old and thinking how cool it would be to own the items they were selling.

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At PSA 10 is the premium file set over 1000 dollars yet? I actually have this set still in the file I got for ~20$
Edit: still going for 20$
A cool item to have in my opinion even if mass produced


hahaha, that is so funny. Go figure shop at home network would figure out someway to screw over their customers.

Yeah imagine buying those instead of the $3 1st edition booster packs at the time RIP


It’s hilarious that he made them remove the word “promo” from the sale title. He KNEW they were gonna print the absolute shit outta these cards. Lmao


This guy screaming at us is so uncalled for. Ya it seems like a deal but I wouldn’t buy gold for pennies on the dollar if someone is screaming at me like this haha. Also I just seen someone say this was aired during 1st edition base set? Because even if this is of good value I can’t see it beating that same dollar amount worth of 1st edition base packs at a few bucks each

lol this guy is screaming at the top of his lungs… XD

I’ve seen a few of these on eBay with the “double white star” label.

The original “POP 1!!!”

Do they sell at an inflated price?

Totodile listed with earlier cert than the one in the video:

Pretty sweet!

How is this set in psa 10 be worth today?