Inverted Error Mispint card

Hey all I just wanted to know how many people on here owns one out of the four? They are very hard to come by and no one really knows how many exist today, due to getting lost or being in peoples collections.

Just curious really :blush: As these one day will be my ultimate challenge after my art academy cards and Niue coins lol.

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You collect the Niue coins!? Wow! Would you mind sharing them with us?

These cards go for really high prices when they come up, which isn’t frequently at all, that being said they are one of the errors I am interested in owning along with no stage stoise, evo box wartortle, no damage ninetails and no HP persian.

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I have one set and have sold 6-7 singles over the years. Tom Reynolds bought 2 and someone here on the U bought one a couple years ago.

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I sold a set last year. I currently have a two mewtwo and a dragonite card.

There’s 30 of each card, that’s been confirmed.

Great Odin’s raven!!! RARE JAPANESies why you do dis to me…

Mate you don’t have to go after every rare card going, just focus on the gold stars and no rarities for now.

Actually, I think there’s 28 Pika and Dragonites and 27 Mewtwo’s and electabuzz’s. At least that was the ratio on all the correct movie sheets.

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Yea that’s the plan. No rarity all the way and get back to gold stars later. However maybe one day I can get 1 of these very much my in the future after finding the 1998 pikas.

Very well could be. Rusty just reported a 121 sheet with one blank in the corner.

Do you have an image of a sheet?

It’s been a long time since I saw those sheets so I could be mistaken. I’ll try to dig a pic up.

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By chance are these the ones currently on ebay ? :stuck_out_tongue: x

Yes I’ve been keeping my eye out for the last two. I just like the oddity of some cards :blush: x

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Yes they are.

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