Interview with Tsukasa Hosono (1999 Pokémon Snap Best Photo Contest)

Ah OK, well I was curious because the artwork in those cards you have there, appear to be ones that were used to promote the contest that Craig Turvey eventually won, assumingly from WotC.

I worked this out through a process of elimination. Those art pieces were used prior to the contest going live, so they had to have been promotional material, and not official entries.

It’s irrelevant of course, the cards look great! I look forward to seeing them!

At the current time, we don’t know who drew those twenty finalist art pieces, but I can confirm that one of them was drawn by SailorClef, as she had sent it over to me prior to uncovering them. We may never know who drew the others, as that information wasn’t archived. However, I will continue to seek answers!