Incorrect Card Condition Descriptions

I looked through the other Sour Grapes threads and didn’t immediately recognize one just like this. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve recently had consistent trouble with the descriptions people give for the condition of their cards. It doesn’t seem to matter the means by which I purchase cards, I always run into issues with it. My inspiration for the thread comes from recent eBay troubles.

At some point a group of commoners got together and ousted the true definition of “Mint” and replaced it with “Technically all in one piece”. I seem to have missed the meeting, but the evidence of it being true is undeniable.

Exhibit A:

I needed Absol ex to fill in a gap in my collection. Nothing out of the ordinary. I sent a message to the seller asking them to: “Please describe for me every single bit of damage including edgewear, nicks, tears, creases, bends dents, bumps, etc.” and was assured that “nothing but the best!” was the condition of the card. When it arrived, the card had clearly been submitted to severe humidity, had edgewear on every side, was dented in two places and had a scuff on three of the four corners. Now please, link me to the scale that is telling people that THOSE conditions qualify a card as mint.

Exhibit B:

Now I understand that the picture should have been a solid clue, but I was convinced I was just snagging a great deal. The image wasn’t great, but the price was right. I sent my typical message asking for a complete description of damage to be sure that the card was “new” like listed, and was even given the term “gem mint” in return. The term Gem Mint isn’t usually something you hear from people who know nothing of cards, so I got a little reassurance. The card comes and it has a stain on it. It looks like apple sauce of some sort. I was beyond irritated, yet again. Had you seen my eyes you’d surely have taken off your sweater as the heat from my fiery inferno of a temper was overwhelming.

I could continue with examples, but I think you are all familiar with the situation. I send cards back more than I keep them. Which brings me to my near final reason for ranting in this thread today. Sellers have the audacity to blatantly misrepresent their item and then make YOU pay the return shipping if you want your money back. I give them ample opportunity even after they’ve listed the card to give me a fair description of it and yet they fail time, after time, after time.

And finally, research. Nine times out of ten eBay sellers are completely lazy. It takes less than 60 seconds to Google “How do I know the condition of my cards?” and find a scale to grade them on. Every one of my issues with it could have been avoided with just the slightest effort on the sellers part. The level to which seller responsibility is lacking is despicable. It seems common sense to me that you would want to know what you are selling and its condition. Are they hoping to slip in under the radar? If so, seller morality rants will ensue.

I was just snagging a great deal.

Not trying to bash you, however if it seems too good to be true, it probably is…
Yes getting MINT cards in trades also ticks me off…
Usually people give me all nicked, smashed and played cards.

And not trying to be defensive, but I specifically asked for all details of any damage and gave examples of every type of damage that could exist. That has (As it should) worked in the past to protect against situations like it. These are two of the handful that have slipped through.

I’m not an idiot. And this isn’t my first time buying cards online. It’s not even my hundredth time. I’m aware of what risk I take, and I do my best to protect against it. I won my Espeon ex in mint condition for 99 cents because it was extremely poorly labeled. But with ample chances to explain any damage AND a link to PSA grading scales (a link was included, as it always is) I feel my frustration was justified. Plus, the card was in great condition other than the stain. That’s the crazy thing.

I’m always skeptical when buying cards from people I have never dealt with / bought from before. You mentioned contacting the seller and asking for a detailed description on the cards to which they replied “gem mint”. The seller lied, that is all there is to it. Common sense tells you that a stain is considered damaged (no one would buy stained furniture at full price). The seller was in the wrong and you have every right to be frustrated. I would be.

Also true. However, look at avalanche’s 9th lucky stadium a while back. He bought it for approx. $100 bucks. That was a steal and it was true.

Point being always exercise good judgement and be prepared for the worst. It has happened to the best of us at some point.

I’m crazy when I comes to condition. I just bought some cards on YJ! and they were list as mint, yet when I got them there was a lot of edge whitening and scratching, and there’s not much I can do about it. When I sell, I don’t list any cards as mint, just in case I missed something. If it looks flawless to me I always list as near mint to mint condition.

Yea your a great seller, I try to only buy from people I know who know true grades of cards or at least honest about it.