If Charizard was on a trophy card??

If there was a original charizard trophy card released in 1997 as well as the pika’s do you think it would out do the pika trophies in terms of popularity and value?

What about if they released a modern charizard trophy card now at the next worlds?

In a way I am surprised there has never been a charizard trophy card seeing how popular charizard is.


It just depends on the details… Obviously, the card would receive a ton of extra hype just for having a Chorizord on it but whether or not it would be in the same realm as an Illustrator, Trophy Pika, Trophy Khan, etc would depend on factors such as rarity, the desirability of the artwork, etc.

But sure, if they had made just a single copy of a Trophy Charizard that was a holo and had incredible artwork and was only given to the one champion of a tournament in 1996 it would be the most valuable card of all-time. If!


that card would be worth an american mcmansion. at least.


I think the people who value charizords are on the high-end of the low-end. It would depend on other factors like rarity, artwork, history etc. over the fact that there’s a charizord on it given the type of people who would be in the market for it.


Charizard is a “cool” character but is probably not perceived as the “face” of Pokemon. As @djgigabyte said, too many variables. I am sure it would do well regardless just because it would be the first trophy showcasing Charizard.


In fairness it does have a ton of variables, Its a interesting thought though, like @teamrocketop, says I personally don’t see Charizard as the face of Pokemon, I see that as Pikachu.

The old Pikachu trophy’s have that cuteness about them that makes them appealing to all types of collectors. Charizard is my favourite Pokemon but I actually think I prefer the fact Pikachu was used.

It would be really interesting to see what happens if Charizard is ever used on a modern trophy card.

Also I just realised I don’t actually know the reason Pikachu was picked to be the face of Pokemon does anyone have any insight to this? It wasn’t a starter Pokemon in the original games which were the first thing released by Pokemon right? Then it became the main character in the anime after?


@fireftw87, From what I recall Clefairy was meant to be Ash’s Pokemon but they thought boys may not like it so they changed to Pikachu.