I am not a professional grader

I find it pretty funny how many people note in their description that they are not a professional grader. Does anyone actually think they are buying from a professional grader? Can you only classify yourself as a professional if that is what you get paid to do? Or after so many years and thousands of cards sent in to be graded do you eventually reach “professional grader status”

If i’m correct I don’t think PSA graders are really supposed to be card collectors. So lets say when they retire if they are allowed it would be pretty funny to see them selling Raw cards stating that they are a retired professional grader - PSA 10???

I realize they are probably just saying this to try protect themselves from angry customers complaining about condition but it is still pretty funny.


Protect themselves from shitty* customers and their disputes. This is why people even have to put “used” on their PSA 10 cards because there’s always that one shitbird that wants to argue about the strength of the grade or thinks the card should look better than it does. Another popular line is “card condition is as seen in photos” and “feel free to request more photos before purchase”.


Yeah it is pretty strange… It’s worse when they put that in the desc but then also state in the title “PSA 10?” if you were trying to cover your back by saying you are not a professional grader then maybe just don’t put in the listing that you think its a possible PSA 10? It’s also irritating that when you search for a PSA card you end up with a load of these listings of raw cards… PSA 9??? PSA 10??? and often the condition is awful and wouldn’t get a 6 :laughing:

“Im not a professional grader”


One of a kind error indent Zard with a double swirl holo bleed!

L@@k!! CHARIZARD??!?!

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But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

I used a template of a previously sold listing, you know where you hit “Sell Similar Item” and it populates the listing.

The previously sold listing had “New” in the condition which I didn’t catch so the single that I listed got listed as “New”.

I’m sure you know how this played out haha. Buyer returned because the loose card wasn’t “New”.

It happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Funny auction title for many raw unlimited played cards:

“Pokemon 1st Edition (name) Holo PSA 10 Gem Mint”

Whenever I see this type of listing I always imagine someone who just found some of their old Pokemon cards from their parents’ basement, looks up sold listings on eBay, and thinks the Unlimited scratched up Hitmonchan in their old shoebox is the same thing as the PSA 10 1st edition Hitmonchan that was sold a couple of months ago.

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Seriously? Even McDonald’s wouldn’t accept me as an employee if I was like, “Yea, I just need a job. Your lousy food I can do without.”

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Yep, I agree.
I used to message sellers about their listing errors… sometimes they fix it, other times they refuse.