HYOGONOSUKE's Sleepy Pokémon

This year, one of modern era TCG’s prominent artists HYOGONOSUKE has taken up the challenge of drawing every Pokémon in their naptime, starting with Kanto

So I thought of creating an album thread charting their progress, with ongoing updates from their Twitter and organised by evolution line. Feel free to check out their other lovely artworks:



  1. Are you updating this?

  2. How I wish these were cards and I’d collect them all. Great post! TY!

Whenever they post :+1:t4:


This is some incredible art


Now I just need to get these to cycle through as my phone background



The first artist who will ever have art of all Pokemon. Too bad they won’t become a 900 card sleeping Pokemon subset lmao.

These days with so many artists and so many Pokemon, your favourite artist might never illustrate your favourite Pokemon. Heck, over 100 Pokemon as it stands aren’t getting cards this generation, so those are the odds.

These are beyond adorable :heart_eyes_cat:

I wonder if there’s a way to have these as rotating images on the site similar to the banner. Would also be nice to ask if it would be ok with him if we did that

Something like this


I find it odd that none of these are watermarked/signed at the bottom to prevent that sort of use. My hunch is that they have no problem with sharing or else they’d be marked in some way.

Yeah, it still would be nice to just get an “ok” on it.

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Holy smokes… Everyone of those would make an amazing alt art card. :eyes::flower_playing_cards:

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These are amazing! I hope you will make it to a very old age so that you have time for them all. :laughing:

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Simply amazing art! Please keep the thread updated


These are amazing, thanks for sharing.

Just realized these are in dex order. :man_facepalming:

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Golbat and Meowth are my favorites (so far).

I got myself a wallpaper changer app for my phone and now I’ve got these on a random shuffle. Absolute perfection!


To celebrate this thread, Apple has added built-in photo shuffle for wallpapers on iOS 16. Congrats everyone.

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I think I love paras and gloom most.