How to start a successful Ebay

Hey guys, I was sorting through my cards earlier today and noticed the heaps of spare cards I have, I’m not talking about C/U I’m talking decent money cards for the newish/not as serious collectors $10-50 cards, what’s the best way to gain a good reputation in the Ebay pokemon community?

Clear pictures, closeups, front and back, clear descriptions and honesty. Also, when selling and shipping, putting it in a sleeve and then a top loader for protection.

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If I may add. Keep your BIN prices or starting price (if auction) reasonable.

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Also for a card that’s about. $30 or so I’d consider shipping first class mail with the card in a sleeve and top loader between two pieces of cardboard. First class is usually like $2 for cards. I think pictures at an angle that show any scratches can be nice for the mint collectors that are looking.

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I would use tracking on all sales over “X” amount of dollars.

Thank for the responses everyone, they are all good tips.

I would say try and post small bulks of cards in labeled packets, and the 2 pieces of cardboard or foam board is important. Provide receipts, and well just the general ebay things, offer money back returns, 1 business day shipping, tracking i.d numbers, and free shipping if you can afford it. It helps with your search ability on ebay, and helps make you a more respectable seller. Also if you could try get a free html layout for your listings; it really helps make you look a little more respectable.

I think this depends on how you intend to sell. If your going to be selling constantly almost as a side business that the html paging and 1 business day shipping and money back etc. is important. You can make do without if you’ll be selling from time to time. I have 2 business days listed but usually get an item out in 1. I like to give myself a buffer because life can get busy. I’ll also successfully sold a lot of items, mainly legos to be honest, without any fancy advertising. Just make sure to have an honest description with good pictures.