How to best safeguard yourself when selling high value items

So I’m in the process of selling something fairly high in value, and it dawned on me that unless it’s a good few people on here, anyone else buying it I see it as a potentially costly risk due to the money involved.

E.g. Joebloggs (15) on ebay, I would otherwise have no problem dealing with, but now all of a sudden I feel the need to be much more cautious.

My question is, as a seller, what are the best ways I can protect myself against possible fraudulent Paypal claims? My ideas are filming the packaging process with verifiable time stamps, using the best possible shipping services with appropriate insurance, the most comprehensive tracking and a required signature. Maybe even a photo of said package being sent, photo’s of the receipts too.

Obviously the best way would be to only deal with people you’re familiar with and are able to trust, but if the risk can be otherwise minimised then I’m all for that too.

All advice is appreciated.

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Are you doing it through just paypal? ebay shits all over it’s sellers but I’m sure it has better seller protection than paypal. I would definitely go the ebay route.

Anyway, I would do everything you said. Photos, insurance and signature. But if you’re really worried about selling a high valued item to someone with no reputation then the best advice is to not sell at all. Seriously.

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I was under the impression that Paypal gave you all of the buyer/seller protection anyway and eBay was more or less a middle man?

And yes, you’re probably right about that.

Photos and videos mean nothing. Maybe a pre-photo of your packed item will help in the case of a USPS damage/insurance claim I guess. As far as what is in the package, what happens after the video is turned off will always be called into question. It’s almost a step a scam seller would take to try and “prove” they shipped what they were supposed to when they didn’t.

Just have a nice eBay listing with tons of photos and a thorough description to make sure everyone is on the same page with what is being sold. Good old fashioned signature confirmation, insured shipment, registered if you are talking extremely high value. ONLY ship to address given at checkout, never change the shipping address as you lose protection and ONLY to verified addresses.

That is about all you can do. Having a high reputation and good history with eBay should help you if issues ever arise and sides need to be taken, though I have never had that happen with items over $100 that I can remember. Typically the scummy scammer buyers deal with lower value items luckily.


If it’s so worrisome that you decide not to sell to them, first offer the family/friends/gift payment.

The most efficient way to protect yourself is to actually film the entire process AT THE POST OFFICE. Film boxing the item in its condition and actually making the transaction with the post office and then getting the tracking number and knowing that the item is not in your hands anymore and your on camera in the building if anything suspicious happens. There is no guaranteed way to protect yourself other than dealing with a trusted seller but these are some of the best steps you can take.

There is a guaranteed way to protect yourself…family/friends payment.

^ Even they have been known to be overturned.


Insurance. That should be all you need.

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Careful with this part.

It’s a good safety net, but I remember the days where I was unable to verify my address because I was not in America. For the longest time, I had a massive issue with this because despite all packages arriving safe and sound, some sellers got fidgety because of that.

It’s fine NOW, but do take care to check where Ebay verifies addresses, cause they honestly don’t cover many countries. V_V;;; (and it SUCKS.)

On single cards, I still take photos. The value being like, $3-5, I will still take a photo and when I hit the ‘sent’ button to the buyer, I always include a quick message with a photo or two attached.

I’ve never personally had a problem, but as stated above, long as you don’t change the address, the package is registered, you don’t change the address and do it through PayPal, you should be sweet.


Paypal + Signature on delivery + insurance. Nothing more you can really do, filming is a bit overkill IMO. I helped a high end collector sell off their high grade Marvels and was a bit daunting packaging and sending off such high value items (some in 5 figures). On only one occasion did it go sour, but as theere was proof of delivery/signature + insurance it was all sweet. The only thing was that it took a while to process to get money back but otherwise all good just make sure that you can afford to “take the hit” for at least a couple of months.

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Also random side note, even the Hope Diamond worth whatever millions of dollars was sent this way (equivalent of delivery confirmation + insurance)

For any high value items, after posting it i scan the receipt and then message the buyer and attach the receipt as a picture.

Can you cite any sources for this? Could not find any

Someone on one of the fb groups I sell on knows of a way, I’ve not asked her. That aside, my PayPal address is slightly confusing and I get about 5 people per month who misspell it by missing off one letter. Even though they’re gifted payments most of the time, they’re able to cancel the payment and resend it to me.

They’re not missing the first s in viralsmods are they?

4 figures? Don’t use paypal if you are afraid of.
I suggest a bank transfer. Need the buyer trust of course, but you will be safe from fraudulent Paypal claims.

Yup. every time.

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I read that people can say it was an unauthorised payment to their credit card company. At that stage though aren’t you dancing with the devil a bit? Mixing shades of fraud with a credit card company just doesn’t sound like a good combo. :blush: