How much does sunlight affect cards?

I want to display my cards to enjoy them throughout the day but I’m scared of fading and what not from sunlight/UV rays. I saw the 35pt magnetic cases that are UV resistant but they don’t look too nice to display in.

So my question is, as long is the card isn’t in direct sunlight, will it be okay?


Not an expert on this but as long as your cards aren’t in direct sunlight or have a lamp pointed directly at them you should be ok. With regular indoor lighting you might notice slight fading after 50 years maybe but it would be so gradual you wouldn’t see it happening. If you want to keep them in good condition for the long haul then get them psa graded.


I see. Thanks

yeah, just that all these nice cards are sitting in a box to avoid sunlight fade and moisture. It’d be nice if they were just out and displayed nicely to enjoy throughout the day

For sure bud. I’m not a reseller so the whole point of collecting for me is to display. I don’t worry about light exposure too much but at the same time I wouldn’t leave an unprotected first edition zard out on my desk either. Serious money cards get graded or stored away. There’s wall frames for trading cards on ebay with uv protection if you’re interested in that kind of display.

I need to find my purposely sun bleached card to show everyone.


Wait, PSA cases are okay to have in front of a window or something? Like the case is UV resistant (or whatever the significant wavelength for fading is)?

Sunlight breaks down plastic, slowly.

I assume the only cards that are safe are those that are completely foil. Such as EX’s, GX’s and Full Art, would reflect light more than cards with WOTC layouts. I wouldn’t risk it at all, remember that they are delicacies and were always meant to be in binders or boxes since the get-go. I would love to display all of my cards, but the materials they are made of just makes it nearly impossible. I have thought of tinted display cases, but what’s the point in that if they aren’t %100 visible!


Fluorescent are worse.

Not much :laughing:

In all seriousness though, not sure about the newer cards, but cards from the WotC era are quite receptive to sun discolorations during the long run (read years).

It ranges from just discolored borders:

to completely sun-bleached cards. This one is sun-bleached by someone on purpose btw (laid in the sun for multiple hours a day, in a sunny country, for almost 1.5 years), so you won’t see this result by accident.

The most extreme sun discoloration without doing it on purpose like the one above will probably result in something like this:


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What happened to those middle two cards on the first picture? Did they evaporate? :grin: