How do you buy cards?

Do you buy cards because you expect it to go up in value when regraded/overtime with your perceived future demand

or are you buy it because you are trying to complete a set / just like a card and want the artwork/ don’t mind overpaying, without consideration of it’s future value

What’s the e-four consensus?

this is my hobby, not an investment. i think you’ll find that the majority of collectors on E4 have been and will continue to collect independent of the overall market value.


lol. You say that, but your actions suggest a profit motive.

So it’s coincidence your ebay shop is selling your autographed valued pokemon cards for a profit? Its almost as if you got the cards signed, and then planned to sell it at a later time for profit rather then keeping them for their value to you. or are you selling because the autograph was not to your expectation, at a later date?

Why would anyone want their PL card signed, it’s really ingenious to sell it for a super mark up when you got it signed because you valued it as a hobby and not mass profits.

@dblast , i don’t think you understand how many autographs i own. for over 10 years i have bought Sugimori autographs ranging from $25 to $2500, and every time i’ve had people tell me that i way overspent. there is no chance that anyone could have predicted the state of today’s market back in 2005.

i assume that you’re looking at Misty’s Gyarados, which is not for sale. it’s listed at that price, without offers, because that’s what it’s worth to me. more often than not, i buy things → sell them for a loss → to buy more things.

i can assure you that i do not make profit from any of my hobbies.


To make a profit is to sell an item for more then you bought it for. If you spent much more in a hobby then it will return, that’s on you, but you still profited from some cards.

I personally like to target cards that I perceive will go up in value, and it’s a slight accomplishment to underpay for the cards, regardless if I can pay more for it. Perhaps I’m an outsider and not many folks in E-four purchase cards this way. lol. I hardly sell cards as I collect them currently. But I think I’m with some e-four’ers that will sell when it’s ripe.

@dblast, I’m well aware of what profit is, and i’m not sure how you know that i’ve profited, but my books tell me that i haven’t.


the word you used is offensive and your post doesn’t answer the real question in thread!

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So what’s available in your store that you are selling under what you bought for? You act like its over 50% listings, I doubt it.

Imagine being shamed for selling a card as a collector for more then you paid.


With my bank account :blush:


@dblast, after purchasing costs, shipping, grading fees, ebay fees, paypal fees, taxes, more shipping - yes, i’m quite sure. my store helps to afford a fraction of my hobby, but i have a real job that pays for it.

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Like I said, I buy cards that I think will go up in value, and I’m a collector. Why would I be shamed for that lol

The ones that say they’re not trying to profit from the hobby but sell their cards at mark up prices are the questionable ones

Imagine being shamed for buying cards that are underpriced, so you can sell for later, if u choose.

You might be surprised that there are folks on here that treat Pokemon cards like their real job and it’s their source of revenue. Influencers/forum leaders. But it doesn’t make sense to bash on them or if they have a ‘real job’ lol.

@dblast, i don’t recall bashing anyone. all i know is that i don’t collect with the intention of making a profit - which was the answer to the thread you posted.


You are the one shaming @mossdeep for selling his cards for more then he paid. Such autographs do not have a perceived market value so the price can be set by the seller, you either pay it or don’t.

He may have a grail which can only be ascertained by the sale of x card which he values less. Selling of a card does not make him less of collector. If someone offered a large amount of money for some cards in my collection I am not going to say no even though I don’t intend on selling them.

Don’t see anyone shaming you in this thread?

the common perception that pokemon is a hobbyist agenda in e-4 vs a profit motive is highly debatable. The notion that selling pokemon cards isn’t a ‘real job’ is offensive. And some australian probably speaking about certain underprivileged folks is appalling in a pokemon forum lol so excuse me if I’m being taken aback by my question of how people are buying cards? I’m eager to ear more from other e-four members, particular the influencer folks!

Shaming? I corrected his response that he hasn’t made a profit because he has on several cards. I find it odd someone would grade a PL card aside from making it’s value go up. Unless that was the best card he had and he wanted it graded.

I’m not disqualifying anyone as a collector, just noting their profit motive.

I find it strange that this forum has an issue with ‘flippers’ even though many buy at undervalue for that reason. Flippers are good for the community and many collectors take apart of this when they have a ‘surplus’ of that type.

The terrorist in the thread would be the one that is against handicap folks, they don’t have a part in this conversation and it’s really weird to note them.

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@dblast, I’m on your side. Good arguments.

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“I corrected his response that he hasn’t made a profit because he has on several cards” He never said this if you look at his original response. I have graded several cards which I know are not going to be “profitable” as i want them to be encapsulated.

I won’t bother touching on flippers as its a done discussion and I have nothing to add.

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