How do reverse foils work?

I’ve never collected or opened sets with reverse foils.

What are the differences?

If I look at this and see search the Alakazam Reverse Foil, there are 3 different reverse foils for Alakazam but with different populations.

Are these different cards or just some PSA funky labelling?

Are there multiple reverses of the same Pokemon per set?

Expedition was weird, there was a reverse of the holo and the non holo

So there should be 2 reverse holos of the one Pokemon instead of 3?

Hopefully the PSA labels are different so I can tell what is what.

Yeah there should only be two different reverse holographics for that card. There seems to be a duplicate entry for #33.

Holo cards in expedition have 4 variants

  • Holo (ex. Charizord #6)

  • Non-holo (ex. Charizord #40)

  • Holo reverse (ex. reverse Charizord #6)

  • Non-holo reverse (ex. reverse Charizord #40)

    You can tell the difference by 1) the set number and 2) the “e” is holo on the “holo reverse holo” but not on the "non-holo reverse holo"Expedition was the only set to do this