How are TCGs Viewed by Large Dealers/Auction Houses?

Was watching a random video of an interview with the owner of PWCC and he gave his thoughts on sports cards investing and where it’s headed. Obviously sports has a larger market than TCGs, but I’m curious if anyone has heard or read opinions of “high profile” guys like this in regards to TCGs. Do they generally think TCGs are are still in infant stages in terms of investing? Do they seem like a waste of time and resources compared to sports cards?

Thought it was an interesting topic to discuss.

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I’m on Heritage quite a bit and for some time now and think I’ve seen 4 Pokemon cards/boxes and two Black Lotuses, ever.

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What’s Heritage? Sorry. I’m a n00b at times.

Heritage Auctions. World’s largest collectibles auctioneer

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Thanks, sir.

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You probably would’ve seen they’re taking the market more seriously now and are trying to get regular TCG featured auctions as of this year. There is one coming up in April or May, the first one was late Feb this year. It’s definitely an area they’re trying to get some market share in.

Hi Pierce, maybe you can link me because I have not seen anything from Heritage in regards to TCG auctions.



The next featured auction doesn’t have the items on the site yet as it’s still over a month away iirc.

Thanks for link :blush: however, I don’t consider 15 Pokemon items and 25 magic items to mean really anything but will be cool to see if they try to expand in the future

It is just the beginning, heritage have hired two consultants specifically for TCGs and the first auction since doing that was the Feb one, there will be more regular pokemon and MTG auctions from now on, it only began last month.

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Does Yugioh not get any attention alongside Pokémon and MTG?

No :grin:

Well then I’m definitely interested :blush:


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best time to buy.