Hi everyone! I need some assistance… I got offered $9400 (Aud) for the whole 1st edition fossil set. All the holos psa 9. And I get all the non holo rares, uc, c aswell (ungraded) for $9400 (Aud). With boxes of 1st edition fossil selling g for arou d $25000 would you say this is a decent deal to add to my collection? Would appreciate any help

Look at past sale history


There’s only one listing i can find that went for $8250 without the non holo rares etc. But it wasn’t an auction. So I’m not sure if its a throw off sale or legitimate

@joseph3976, Add up each fossil card individually in Excel and apply a 10% 015% discount to see if it is worth it. Just from my quick observation, i can tell you that is a decent deal.


Now do one for jungle. What’s weird is that it’s sitting around the same price as fossil. But usually jungle outperforms fossil.

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Currently in process. Thanks bro!

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That’s for the 9s, but the gap is most likely much wider on the PSA 10 sets. That’s where Jungle gets huge premiums on the holos.